Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach young learners / children?

Yes, as a music teacher I have a lot of experience working with younger learners and would be happy to teach your children as well. I teach vocals from the age of 8 years of age up to senior years. In an extremely relaxed and comfortable studio environment. In addition, I am fully DBS Enhanced Certified for your peace of mind.

Where are the lessons based?

Based at Stamford Bridge in York. I provide an extremely comfortable and professional studio setting, accompanied by the Vocal tech you will require as your voice and performance skills grow.

Can you teach singing online

Absolutely, now all my singing lessons available online are via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime< Please get in touch for more information.

Which styles do you teach?

Lessons are tailored to cover all music styles, no matter what type of singer you aspire to be. I will ensure that your lessons give you an understanding of how to sing, the importance of time and feel and the personal satisfaction of how to project your voice with conviction. The end result will be a fuller understanding of all the techniques that will make you a master of this wonderful art. And, I promise, this journey will be great fun!

Do you teach beginners?

Absolutely, the majority of my students start as beginners. I work closely with them to help improve their vocal strength and control, meaning that when they go to sing a note they can have confidence that the pitch of the note will be the one that they are wanting.

I am nervous about singing in front of someone...

I have helped many students develop their confidence and self-belief in their singing ability and would be delighted to help you as well. Once you come in for your first lesson you will find a fantastic learning environment, where you can improve your singing without judgement or the fear of being overheard. After a few lessons, you will find you normalise the experience of starting to sing out loud, giving you confidence as you improve vocally. Ultimately, if you are nervous about starting to sing my lessons are perfect for you!

What do I need to bring for my first lesson?

For the complete beginner just an open mind! In addition for all singers a note pad or iPad would be useful to take notes or even play your chosen songs from your already saved set list. Thinking about ideas of songs and style(s) that you would like to cover during your vocal lessons is also really useful. For the more experienced singers possibly their own personal choice of microphone to use during their singing lesson.

Is there parking at the studio?

Yes, free parking is available outside the studio. Please consider local residents at busy times.

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Beginners Welcome

Visiting Singing Lessons York is the first step towards being the singer and performer you aspire to be. As a experienced vocal coach I will help bring out the professional artist in you.

Confidence comes from within, and having singing lessons is extremely rewarding and good fun. I tailor my lessons around my students needs, helping them learn through the music that they are passionate about. I would delighted to teach you to improve your vocal performance, no matter you age or starting level.

To book your first lesson, or simply to find out more about my singing tuition in York, don't hesitate to email me on

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Craig is an extremely experienced musician, able to help you to improve your vocal ability, confidence and tone, through his individually tailored singing lessons here in York.